July 31, 2017

Elegant cottage in the Kangaroo Valley, Australia

This charming 1880s cottage in the Kangaroo Valley, just two hours south of Sydney, is the perfect city escape. Owned and curated by Australian artist and stylist, Lisa Madigan, the Cottage is the ultimate escape thanks to its tranquil, peaceful surrounds and the cozy rustic-chic interior.

July 30, 2017

A zen retreat-Tulum Treehouse by Annabell Kutucu

A zen retreat, hidden among thick greenery, with a minimalistic ethnic-chic design by Co-Lab Joanna Gomez and Joshua Beck under the interior concept and curation of Annabell Kutucu. Locally sourced Tzalam wood contrasts throughout the house with polished white cement. Light and air flow through tranquil rooms appointed with local textiles and ceramics, Oaxacan rugs, and bespoke furnishings by Meridian artisans.
Photos: Brechenmacher & Baumann Photography

July 29, 2017

Vila Monte Farm House in Algarve, Portugal

The epitome of the classic farm house: a timeless simplicity, a local, genuine atmosphere and a boho-chic spirit. A reinterpretation of the Algarve lifestyle, with the perfect integration of its emblematic elements.