June 18, 2018

Stylish apartment in Madrid

A inspired Spanish apartment with a beautiful blend of boho, country and colorful decoration thanks to the work of Paco Ruiz-Nicoliet.

June 17, 2018

Holiday home with rustic and refined decoration

Pierre Sauvage, owner and artistic director of Casa Lopez, spends his summers in this holiday home nestled among  lavender beds and olive trees in Luberon, France. 


June 14, 2018

Mykonos Home by Block722architects+

 Mykonos home represents the very best of Aegean aesthetic with its whitewashed walls, open air spaces, and liberal usage of earthy materials.
The signature aesthetic of design studio Block722architects+ is manifested in the clean lines, neutral color pallete, angular stone-cut shelving and benches, and of course the creative usage of natural materials.