July 23, 2018

Casa del Mare on Pantelleria island

Casa del Mare is a dammuso (a typical small stone house), located in a unique and privileged position in the middle of a tiny promontory on the sea of Pantelleria suspended between the sky and the Mediterranean sea.

July 20, 2018

An old bakery turned into a villa on Santorini island

This sleek and chic holiday villa on the Greek island of Santorini was previously a working bakery. Villa Gaia consists of two cave houses, each with its own private terrace and connected by exterior stairs. Outside, a private ocean-view plunge pool and private Jacuzzi completes the picture of an idyllic and luxurious Greek island hideaway.

July 18, 2018

Natural Life in a cozy South African farm style house

When Dané Erwee and Chris Willemse - the owners of this paradise in South Africa imagined it, they thought of "something that combines a modern exterior with a farm inside".   
 Henri Comrie, the architect, was inspired by Le Corbusier by using walls of white lime, wide spaces, exposed brick, industrial metal, raw concrete ceilings, untreated wood ... which coexist harmoniously with the local characteristics of the area.