October 30, 2014

Cozy atmosphere in scandinavian style by Krista Keltanen photography

 The comfort of a cozy atmosphere in scandinavian style. Lots of light, neutral shades, few colors, from white to grey to black, few materials, from cottons to the wood up to the glass, in a continuous game of contrasts.

October 29, 2014

Laureen Rossouw's amazing apartment in Cape Town

Interior designer Laureen Rossouw is director of a South African décor magazine. She decorated her own apartment in Cape Town in a  historic building, built in 1939 with granite and marble in Art Deco style. Steel, iron, glass, leather,  wood and  Scandinavian furniture peppered with a selection of drawings and prints make this Central European style apartment unique!

October 26, 2014

Land of contrasts

A creative Danish house with objects and furniture from different eras. A carefully selected range of colors in black, gray, brown and white, combined with a few reddish and pink shades. Teak chairs from the '60s, one velvet upholstered rococo chair, acrylic chairs from the 00s and a gold painted oak chair from the early 1900s. A beautiful mix of styles that creates a really interesting Scandinavian house.

October 25, 2014

55 m² apartment in Barcelona

This apartment is located in El Raval, one of the most picturesque and popular districts of Barcelona, and it has been renovated by Muji team. The unique architectural elements and versatile decoration make it unique.

October 24, 2014

Nuria Mora's penthouse loft in Madrid

Nuria Mora is an urban artist. Her geometric patterns dialogue with architecture, functioning as a canvas. She has traveled around the world painting in unusual places and creating ephemeral artHer drawings can be found  besides the Tate Modern in London, Arco, and the most innovative galleries in Berlin, Paris and New York, in some doors favelas of Rio de Janeiro, on the beaches of Mexico, the streets of Cuba, Chile, Argentina ...
Her house, a renovated penthouse in the area of Lavapies in Madrid, reflects her personality. It's spontaneous but not casual. Everything is visible, exposed as a museum of senses: paintbrushes and pencils with drawing, objects of art and household items, as the most delicate Royal Albert English porcelain  and Mexican mud dishes .