December 29, 2013

Faye Toogood's house in London

The designer Faye Toogood finds exceptional beauty in unexpected arrangements of objects, and uses them to create installations for fashion houses — and her own house.  &

Chalet in the Alps

December 28, 2013

Montse Esteva's courtyard house

After reformed this elegant house in Barcelona, its owner, interior designer Montse Esteva, retained its personality with a sophisticated blend of styles that respect the charming French flavor of its past.

Casa Cor by Pedro Lazaro

This project of Casa Cor, designed by Pedro Lazaro is a form of a simple rectangular box nestled amongst the lush semi-tropical foliage of a mature garden. The immediate surroundings have influenced the decision of the incorporation of a strong organic element within the design, a bold timber roof trim and the surrounding deck of the structure. The interior, a contemporary minimal space contrasts with the organic exterior through the use of concrete tiles and warm lighting.