May 29, 2017

"back to basics" on Tinos island

Α 100-year-old stable in Tinos, Greece, was transformed by Greek architect Ioannis Exarchou into a minimal summer retreat that reminds of a cave and it is the ultimate proposition for a "back to basics" living

May 28, 2017

Unique atmosphere in Italy

Erika is a fashion designer in Modena, Italy. Her home features charming vintage interiors and a unique romantic atmosphere

May 25, 2017

Lionel Jadot's house in Brussels

Member of the famous Vanhamme family of furniture designers, architect, designer and film maker Lionel Jadot first learn his craft within his father’s workshop as a small child.
For Lionel, his house is "the place of all adventures''. Adventures of family, friends, experiences. It is an open space where everything is possible. Moreover, for decoration, it makes a point of honor to retain complete freedom.  Here, objects are roaming, moving or changing owners. Some are family objects, or gifts, others have been found, or discovered. Their common point is that they are all part of the same universe.