July 31, 2015


A charming old red wood cottage surrounded by woods and meadows in the middle of a forest. This is the charming home of Angelica and Benny in Lindesberg, Sweden. 
The house, built in 1929, is a mix of vintage style and industrial chic — like lovely natural, wood-beamed ceilings, paired with modern touches like steel and concrete. 

July 30, 2015

1864 The Sea Captain’s House

1864-The Sea Captain’s House designed by PATSIOS architects,  is one of the few places to stay in Santorini, Greece where you truly get the feeling you are in a real house. The two-storey mansion is partly caved into the cliff, while its facade is a combination of renaissance inspired upper level, made out of dark volcanic stone and a more traditional, island style lower level, washed in a creamy colour.
The interiors are a blend of characteristic elements of Cycladic cave houses and of 19th century mansions. 

July 28, 2015

Stunning house in Ibiza, Spain

A gorgeous house in Ibiza that keeps the old traditions and mixes them with the modern way of living. From every single corner of this house you can feel the Mediterranean spirit. And part of it is coming from the chosen color palette: white, the brown from the raw wood, blue and green.

July 27, 2015

Tiny loft in Prague

Interior designer Denis Krasikov created the project of this  45sqm mini loft in the center of Prague. Scandinavian influences, exposed brick walls and bright colors are the main features of this very attractive space. Photos : Denis Krasikov