August 02, 2014

Story Restaurant in Helsinki by Joanna Laajisto Creative Studio

Following a year-long renovation, earlier this month Helsinki’s landmark Old Market finally reopened its doors. Seemingly now all the more determined to maintain its reputation as one of the city’s best eating and food-shopping destinations, a new addition to the historical building located on the Finnish capital’s waterfront is Story, an all-day restaurant/café. 

August 01, 2014

A Brazilian beach house with folk art

The design of this house, built in Pernambuco coast, breakes  the conventional architecture  and gives at the owners a more integrated and delicious way to enjoy the weekend.

July 31, 2014

A simple beauty on Ibiza island

Away from some sumptuous villas of the island, this house  made by natural materials, is located in the Natural Park of Salinas and is designed for family holidays where the natural surroundings and exterior spaces are as important as the interiors one.


July 30, 2014


This house on Mallorca, Spain is the perfect summer home. It is situated less than 50 meters away from the sea and there is no line between inside and outside. The pergolas on the terraces provide shade, while the thick walls keep the heat outside so it stays cool inside. Striking are the hot pink chairs which contrasts beautifully with the blue sky. The house is new but it was built with respect for tradition. The construction, although modern, comply with Mallorcan architectural guidelines and natural materials have been used that come from the area.