Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini by Interior Design Laboratorium

The Homeric Poems Hotel is located in Firostefani, on the Greek island of Santorini, on the edge of the steep Caldera. The Interior Design Laboratorium worked on the renovation of three suites, which are part of a traditional captain’s house that stands as a separate building of the hotel’s premises. Simplicity, a fundamental principle of the Interior Design Laboratorium, is the dominant feeling from the moment the traveller sets foot in the suites. Bronze, wood, rope, leather, thatch and durable textiles, which were inspired by the naval tradition, are brought into the design. The custom-made furniture, following the same aesthetic philosophy, was created with particular detail on the finishings to evoke a finesse of the past, able to meet contemporary aesthetics and the character of the area. 



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