The new gallery apartment in Marais, Paris

It is in an apartment transformed into a gallery, with the collaboration of the collective of architects Cigüe. Interior designer Laurence Simoncini presents her design favorites. A highly inspiring place! Laurence Simoncini is embarking on a new adventure with the creation of her LSD gallery. Nestled in the heart of the Marais, at the back of the courtyard of an old 17th century mansion, the apartment welcomes a beautiful selection of furniture and objects. Organic tones and raw materials punctuate the space. Gray blue all-over walls, parquet and wood moldings, sliding doors in oxidized mirror make up a universe that is both warm, artistic and timeless. In this theatrical setting, Laurence Simoncini highlights a sharp choice of unique pieces and limited series, bargain-hunted or discovered by designers or craftsmen, according to her favorites.