House in Surrey by Meraki Design Studio

Maria Constantinou and Eris Koutsoudakis are the two young London-based interior designers, heading the team of Meraki Design Studio. As the name of the practice implies, they choose to poor their heart and soul into every project they undertake; the meaning of the word ‘meraki’, which reveals the passion and dedication of a job well done; a trait passed down through their Greek heritage. Tucked away in the lavishness of the English country side, in Weybridge, Surrey, lies a beautiful luxury home, whose interior contemporary and sophisticated tied with a romantic twist, is the creative result of this dynamic duo. From the moment they set eyes on the garden and surrounding area, it was obvious that the interior should not enter into competition but rather a game of contrasts based on a neutral colour palette of sophisticated natural hues. Seemingly a match made in heaven arose from a client open to innovative ideas, allowing the designers to create an alluring atmosphere of luxury, seemingly quiet, yet secretly buzzing, as if taken from a modern fairytale.