October 24, 2013

Biribildu: Greek Souvlaki in Athens, Greece

Designed by Greek interior architect Minas Kosmidis, the concept behind the eatery is all about revolving and turning reflecting the actual meaning of the word ‘Biribildu’ in Basque (= to turn, to make a round) . Biribildu’s colour palette aptly sets the tone and theme for the concept where iconic red and yellow tents act like a globally recognised cue to circus life. Think big, bold typography that takes you back to the bills that were once pasted on the walls of cities’ streets promoting the next big act that was coming to town. The main space is driven by floating horses which dictate how customers move around and enjoy the circus experience itself where boardwalk motifs and details reflect the festival and entertainment theme as quick, succulent bites of souvlaki ‘to-go’ or eat in can be ordered before diners carry on with their day. Circular drones, coloured wood and a variety of decorative elements almost give a fleeting sense.  This notion of the temporary denotes a feeling that at some point the whole scene will move on, just as circuses do, to another city altogether.


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