June 03, 2013

Magic continues...Areias do Seixto Charm Hotel. part 2

A most unusual boutique hotel, the Areias do Seixto Charm Hotel is located on the coastline less than an hour’s drive from the bustling city of Lisbon. In a contemporary structure designed by architect Vasco Vieira, the interior defies description, an eclectic blend of the tastes of the owners Marta and Goncalo and the professional eye of designers Rosario Gabriel and Isabel Schedel.
Each space shines with its own unique individuality, every one of the 14 guest rooms exhibits a sense of luxury combined with environmental sensitivity. Sumptuous marble finishes and vintage furniture rub shoulders with driftwood and found objects, rich ethnic fabrics sit side by side with raw concrete and beds of recycled wood. The bathrooms are spectacular, sunken, free standing or traditional and fireplaces are present in each room in various styles and materials from contemporary to country, every detail perfectly thought out in a magical mismatched style.
This luxury eco hotel also practices what it preaches, many low energy, sustainable systems have been incorporated within its design.


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